Get out and experience nature... we'll be your guide.


Experience Milwaukee from a different perspective.

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Explore the nature in your own backyard

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These hands-on courses introduce participants to the thrills and excitement of the vertical world.

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Guided quiet water tours covering Southeastern Wisconsin’s most scenic rivers.

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Our mission is to preserve, enhance, and use the natural resources of the Milwaukee Metropolitan area, including the Milwaukee River, and green spaces. With these unique resources as its outdoor classroom, we provide opportunities for urban adventures, education, and environmental awareness to enrich the lives of all members of our diverse urban community, targeting our youth.

Our programs teach youth how to enjoy and respect the wilderness. Participants receive both technical and practical experience in the various skills needed for life skills. We help our participants experience things they haven’t done previously and to think about things in new and different ways.

Safety is a fundamental part of all of our activities. We teach participants how to make intelligent decisions and minimize risks. Participants are given various responsibilities that stretch their physical and mental limits in a slow and careful manner.