Get out and experience nature... we'll be your guide.

Adventure Camp

Contact: Shorewood Recreation Dept. Whitefish Bay Recreation Dept. or Nicolet Recreation Dept. Directly for Registration.

These 5-day programs offers youth the opportunity to experience rock climbing, 6rappelling, canoeing, kayaking, biking and hiking all within the city limits. This is all done under the tutelage of experienced staff. Training on equipment and safety will be conducted in order to guarantee a safe and successful experience for your child. All equipment, including helmets, is supplied.

Facility Requirements & Equipment:

Biking: Own Bike and Helmet. (Bikes are available if needed)
Canoeing & Kayaking: Bring towel and clothes to get wet in.
Rocking & Rappelling: Loose fitting clothes and sturdy shoes.
Hiking: Sturdy shoes.
Miscellaneous items: Small backpack, food, bug spray, drink in plastic container, towel, sunscreen

Camp Dates and Times:

All 9-12 Yr. Old Pograms are from 9:00am to 12:00pm
Teen Camp 9:00am to 4:00pm

June     12-16     9-12 Yr. Old  Co-Ed     Shorewood
June     19-24    9-12 Yr. Old  Co-Ed     Whitefish Bay
June     26-30   9-12 Yr. Old  Co-Ed     Shorewood
July     03-07    9-12 Yr. Old  Co-Ed     Whitefish Bay (4-Day Program)
July     10-14     9-12 Yr. Old  Co-Ed     Shorewood
July     17-21     9-12 Yr. Old  Co-Ed    Whitefish Bay

July     24-28    9-12 Yr. Old   Girls Only   Shorewood & Whitefish Bay
July     31-Aug.04   13-15 Yr. Old  Co-ED  Teen Camp     Shorewood & Whitefish Bay

August     07-11     9-12 Yr. Old  Co-Ed     Nicolet
August     14-18     9-12 Yr. Old  Co-Ed     Nicolet

All Registrations are handled through the following Recreation Departments.

Shorewood Recreation    414-963-6913 ext #4
Nicolet Recreation           414-351-7566
Whitefish Bay                   414-963-3947 ext #4